Former Macy’s employee made $ 40,000 using his employee discount to buy items and resell them, but was fired

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A man, who claimed to be a former Macy’s employeeHe said he did a good deal while working at that department store, but not thanks to his fortnight.

Said used your employee discount to buy low priced items then resell them for a profit, but finally the store fired him when he noticed their maneuvers.

Evan Kail recalled his side business in a video posted on his popular TikTok page.

“If you use your employee discount to buy clearance shoes that are already 90 percent off … then you can sell them on Ebay,” he said.

I won $ 40,000 doing this before they caught me and fired me. “

Kail noted in a comment below the video that he made the money in less than six months, but did not reveal when exactly he worked at the department store.

His followers were impressed with his revelation. Many sympathized with him and wondered how he could have been fired for such an act.

“How can they fire you, you bought the shoes?” Argued one user.

“That’s why you have to sell in someone else’s name,” joked another.

However, someone who said he worked at Macy’s pointed out that buying items to sell for profit is a “direct violation” of brand policy, but admitted that she is not sure how they would find out about his maneuvers.

Additionally, another user who claimed to work at Old Navy said that “buying clothes at a discount and reselling them was against policy and was grounds for termination.”

In response to a request for comment, Macy’s said: “We do not discuss matters related to a specific colleague or former colleague.”

Kail is not the first person to claim to have been fired from a major retailer for doing something questionable.

Earlier, someone who said he worked at Whole Foods claimed to have been fired for eating food that was going to end up in the landfill.

When The Sun contacted Whole Foods, the grocery store responded with a detailed explanation of its food donation program and its successes.

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