Former RBD manager on the alleged fraud says that there were no diversions of “any type of money” – El Diario NY

Former RBD manager on the alleged fraud says that there were no diversions of “any type of money” – El Diario NY

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For a few days now, Anahí’s husband, the singer Dulce María and the romantic partner of Maite Perroni have offered statements about some investigations that are being generated for alleged fraud that would have been generated in RBD during the tour in 2023, a fact that apparently would have occurred in the hands of Guillermo Rosas, the band’s former manager.

However, People en Español last Monday received a statement from the company of the alleged person involved where he is defending himself and clarifying the situation that has been taking place and that has worsened in the public eye for days after Anahí shared an image with him.

The letter received by the magazine began by saying that: “Particularly, we hereby clarify that in no way and at no time, neither T6H Entertainment, nor Guillermo Rosas, nor any employee of the company, diverted or made illicit use of any type of money from Soy Rebelde Tour. He also did not participate in any type of embezzlement of any kind, as some media have suggested.”

Dulce María expresses the pain she feels for RBD

“It is difficult, disappointing and very painful everything that is being experienced and not being able to go out and tell them everything that I would like to talk about, because it is something delicate, we are not in demand, or anything like that, until now, simply, like any company “where irregularities were seen, we are in audits,” he expressed in front of the press.

The singer of Mexican origin also added that: “Irregularities have already emerged from the first audit, it is not gossip, but we cannot say, it is not my responsibility to give more information. It is something very sad, of course it does break our hearts, because “We had so many plans to continue with the tour and we are in a difficult moment”.

Maite Perroni’s husband spoke about the alleged fraud

Exclusively for the program ‘Ventaneando’ Andrés Tovar, Maite Perroni’s husband, stated about what the singers have been going through: “There is a gap in what is said to have come in or what the tour generated in profits to what they have received. There is an audit in progress. They are reviewing the entire internal issue of the tour and are also considering talking to the companies involved to see about the issue of resources. Where are they? How much is it?”.

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