Francisca Brave cuts her hair in “Despierta América” ​​and explains why it was her nightmare

Francisca Brave cuts her hair in “Despierta América” ​​and explains why it was her nightmare

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Francisca valiente cuts her hair live in ‘Wake up America’, and explains why it has been her nightmare, and why she needs to free herself in particular, to ask for forgiveness from the girl who lives in her and whom she punished until today by telling her that she had ‘bad hair’.

This Monday was a very special day for ‘Despierta América’ where they faced the new stage of ‘Today’. Regardless of whether they have been the morning hit show for 25 years, they decided to go with everything, and Francisca’s story was undoubtedly one of the strongest.

Surrounded by her peers in the studio, Francisca decided to face what for her has been her biggest trauma since she was littlewhen in his native Dominican Republic, He received all kinds of ridicule for having ‘bad hair’, as I used to say, what is bad hair? curly hair.

I want to share with you something personal, that comes from my heart, I want to make peace with my inner child“He began by saying, assuring that he wanted to reaffirm what he always denied him, that he knew that he is beautiful in all its versions.

One of my biggest fears and complexes has been my hair, I grew up feeling uglyI felt that I had to get closer to the beauty stereotype, they could allow me to feel pretty for a while… At the age of 11 I asked my mom to give me a hair straightener because I didn’t want to have ‘bad hair’‘”, he continued counting without being able to avoid the emotion.

And while he was telling his story, she was letting her hair down, the one that has been showing it collected for days, those in which she does not wear wigs of different lengthsbut always in the prototype of what we see on television, especially Hispanic.

But, what made Francisca realize that one hair does not define her or at least does not harm her? Her son…”After Gennaro was born, I realized that beauty goes beyond so many things.and today I I want to make peace with that girl, and tell that girl that she is beautiful, that she is perfect… Make the passes with my hair that I have done everything, the more straightened, the more straightened it is, the more beautiful I feel. Today I free myself and I want to meet the Francisca that God sent to this world, I want to apologize for calling her uglyand to think that no one who looked like that girl could pull off something amazing,” she explained.

What was your message in doing it live? Beyond the rating, Francisca assured that she wanted each of the girls who were looking at her, and had the same hair, to know that this does not define them.. That’s why he decided to do what she called ‘not a change of look, but a new beginning of life’in search of its best version.

Who had that honor and that responsibility? Someone whom Francisca introduced as his life brother, Jomari Goyso, with whom he assures that he spoke many times about this subject.

With scissors in hand, the stylist and partner from ‘Despierta América’ arrived ready to ‘free’ her friend, but Francisca asked to get the first cut. With our eyes closed and the scissors in hand, that’s how the first snip was given.

At the end of the show, in the last minute, The new Francisca entered and, very much in the style of Halle Berry, shared her transformation with her colleagues and the publicits new version. “I feel beautiful, I thought it would be more of a shock, now to start getting to know him, and take care of himhe said with a smile.

Before saying goodbye, had special words for her husband, Francescowho said that your support has made a difference in her lifeand shared the message he received from him after telling the news on the show.

“The first message was sent to me by Francesco: ‘Wow amazing amore mio, great job’ (wow, amazing my love, great job).



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