Francisca Lachapel and other drivers surprised in ‘Despierta América en Domingo’ to welcome Christmas

Francisca Lachapel and other drivers surprised in ‘Despierta América en Domingo’ to welcome Christmas

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The ‘Despierta América’ program is one of the most beloved on television and, for this reason, the production team wanted to have a significant gesture with the audience, which is always attentive to the content they present almost daily.

For many it was a great joy to be able enjoy the presence of Carolina Rosario, Jessica Rodríguez, Carlos Calderón, Jackie Guerrido, Raúl González, Francisca Lachapel and Jesús Díazbetter known in the entertainment world as ‘Chef Yisus’.

In turn, it was implemented in a rather cheerful and fun way to welcome one of the most desired months of the year, where many people put together a plan to spend it as a family and thus have dinner with their closest relatives. close and give gifts. Thus, The drivers decided to put the gala clothes aside to wear some cute pajamas that are related to the theme.

We received a surprise visitor at #DespiertaAmericaEnDomingo of the drivers of the weekly edition. What happiness!”, were the words that accompanied the particular publication.

Internet users did not hesitate for a second to speak out after seeing the highly appreciated gesture that the production of the morning show had, and it is that many were perplexed to see almost all the drivers this Sunday.

In addition, several of them highlighted that they loved that they had an edition as beautiful as this one, which for others has also been the way it was. definitive sign of family unity, due to the fact that the work team has always been quite strengthened.

“Program flooded with joy and colors, thank you”, “Good morning from Panama and yes, December is not long”, “Everyone is beautiful, God bless you dad”, “How beautiful! My cool people”, “They are so handsomethe #1, this is the only program that I dream of knowing and being here one day, I love it when they come singing and dancing”, “How beautiful they look, they really project great happiness”, “But when did Christmas arrive that I did not realize?”, “What a pretty surprise“”, “Blessings to all, nice surprise”, were some of the comments that were registered on the post.

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