Francisca Lachapel and other hosts of ‘Despierta América’ demonstrated the rhythm that they carry in their blood when dancing

Francisca Lachapel and other hosts of ‘Despierta América’ demonstrated the rhythm that they carry in their blood when dancing

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The singer Shakira a few days ago through her official Instagram account shared a new challenge inspired by her most recent song called ‘Monotonía’ and, which she recorded with the interpreter of the urban genre, Ozuna. The video undoubtedly caused great intrigue in its more than 77 million followers of the platform. when she finds herself accompanied by a mysterious man.

On this occasion, the hosts of the ‘Despierta América’ program wanted to demonstrate once again the fact of staying active with trends and they did not miss the opportunity to do so with a song that only has been released for a month and a half.

Jessi Rodríguez, Raúl González, Francisca Lachapel and Carlos Calderón were in charge of taking on this challenge on live television and, thus, captivating the audience with some dance steps where more than one turned out to be surprised to see them.

In turn, the comments on the social network did not wait, because various users of the platform decided to comment on the video they shared in the program’s feed. As usual, impressions have always been divided, since some congratulated them for making the attempt on television.

However, not everything was positive, because they assured that the mother of Milan and Sasha does not even take them into account, while others considered that Francisca always tries to attract attention in the midst of their peers, which for many does not end up being pleasant.

“The important thing is the desire, guys”, “But they must enter the picture, it’s the opposite of where they came from”, “They sure practice and they do better than Shakira”, “Shakira doesn’t even look at them, always looking to attract attention ”, “Francisca always wanting to be the center of attention, to lower it a bit”, “Better that they do the Jenna Ortega dance”, “Put zero on it, Professor Jirafales”“The drivers and producers no longer have anything important, the same thing a thousand times”, “The truth is better than the dance that is on TikTok from the movie Merlina”, “They have to practice a little more”, “Nice try. The question is to dare”, were some of the expressions that were recorded in the post.

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