Francisca Lachapel is criticized by the audience of ‘Despierta América’ and they assure that her decision was a “horse”

Francisca Lachapel is criticized by the audience of ‘Despierta América’ and they assure that her decision was a “horse”

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Last Friday the “Despierta América” ​​program shared through its social networks that this Monday the presenter Francisca Lachapel would do something that to date apparently no one had dared to do live, a fact that kept many in expectation.

“Today I want to make peace with that girl and as I told you, I want to tell her that she is beautiful, that she is perfect. Today I free myself, a very important day for me. I will I want to apologize to that girl for having thought that those who looked like her could not achieve anything amazing“, he explained during the live broadcast.

Minutes later, Jomari Goyso entered the studio, who was by her side to support her in this change process and acceptance that she must now go through in her life, after the haircut that was done in front of the Univision cameras and thus believe more in herself.

However, some of Internet users stated that all this campaign could have been because this Monday in the program ‘Hoy Día’ they began a new stage which is accompanied by new drivers and with other sections that brings more content to the audience.

In turn, the comments in the aforementioned publication did not wait, because several of the users of the camera platform expressed that they saw this fact as a complete “clown” on the part of the Dominican, while highlighting that there are important things like those who are in the bed of a health center.

And you keep wasting your time on these anticswhat a pity. You better start praying for all the people”, “She should work on feeling less”, “Understand, they needed something for today’s launch”, “What a joke, with so many sick people and all for a hair and for wanting to steal a camera”, “She did it to make them feel sorry for her“, “That hair is already paid for”, “If you want to be as God created it, then do not put on makeup, do not shave, what jinx is worth“, “It makes me sad how this program uses this talented woman so that she exposes her complexes in the program”, were some of the expressions that were registered in the post.

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