Francisca revealed the pounds she wants to lose after the birth of her second baby – El Diario NY

Francisca revealed the pounds she wants to lose after the birth of her second baby – El Diario NY

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Television host Francisca revealed that she wants to lose a few pounds to return to the weight she had before she became pregnant with her second baby, but that the most important thing for her is to feel healthy and fit. To make it, He has resumed his exercise routine to tone his body and to maintain flexibility, as shown on his Instagram profile.

He has also begun to control his diet, reducing the amount of carbohydrates and sugars, and increasing his consumption of proteins and vegetables. For this reason, in a question and answer dynamic he stated that he is working on his figure: “Give me a chance, It’s going to be tighter when I lose a few pounds that I want to lose, but for now a little looser clothing.”

The Dominican did not hesitate to compare the pounds she gained when she became a mother for the first time, thus putting confidence in herself to be physically as before: “I have to lose weight, I have to lose, to be at the weight that I like to be, 43, 40. But if you can, I already did it once, with Gennaro’s (pregnancy) I had to lose like 65, now it’s 40, let’s get to that! I think that in the second you lose weight faster than in the first, at least that has been the case for me.”

Furthermore, on the same platform he highlighted that he has always kept in mind the way he likes to be: “I am very clear about how I like to feel, I am very clear about everything and I always think about that: I think about the weight I like to be at.” , also how healthy I feel when I’m at that weight… You have to hold on to that idea of ​​yourself and move forward.”

Among the large number of questions she was asked on Instagram about her responsibilities, she said: “Well, one day I do, another day I don’t, then two days I stop and so on, because “I am adapting to many things, but I am doing my routines.”.

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