Francisca talks about her return to the television show ‘Despierta América’ – El Diario NY

Francisca talks about her return to the television show ‘Despierta América’ – El Diario NY

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Francisca, a television host, spoke this week about when her return to the program ‘Despierta América’ will be, which Univision broadcasts, and of which she has been a part for a few years.

The Dominican-American has been absent from the show because she is taking care of her baby Franco, who was born on February 11, and currently requires her mother’s attention.

However, obligation calls and the winner of ‘Nuestra Belleza Latina’ in 2015 confessed that although she wants to return to the television show, she also feels a little bad about sharing less time with her two children.

“It goes by quickly and you see him so small that you say now, no, I’m just going to leave one, I’m going to leave two, but I also want them to feel proud of their mother and to see that they work and they have to stick it out. “Everything must be done for them and for them,” he claimed.

Francisca’s visit to the ‘Despierta América’ studio was to surprise Antonin, Manny Cruz’s nanny, who is a fan of the television host.

When she saw the famous woman, the lady ran to hug her and seemed quite happy to meet her. “I had to come and meet you, Antonin, you have stolen everyone’s hearts and mine is no exception,” Francisca told him.

After this, she highlighted her work as a caregiver and joked that she managed to get her to shower to go to the studio.

Antonin said that when he arrived at Univision the first thing he did was ask about Francisca, since he wanted to meet her, he also asked her about the children and the artist answered: “This was the time, and as they say ‘God’s times are perfect’ ‘. My babies are very beautiful, Franco is great, how they grow, I cut Gennaro’s hair, he is great, we are controlling, I don’t know what the jealousy of the little brother is, that you have to give me advice, but very nice, enjoying every moment with my children”.

In addition, he added that although they do not sleep, they feel happy because their family has grown.

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