Francisca wears a yellow outfit with a change of look and the praise was not lacking – The NY Journal

Francisca wears a yellow outfit with a change of look and the praise was not lacking – The NY Journal

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The television presenter Francisca constantly shares content on the camera’s social network, where she has more than four million followers. She in turn, she has spent a few weeks where the changing rooms they use attract a lot of attention and the compliments have not stopped after seeing how well he knows how to carry them.

In addition, the Dominican always looking for a way to interact with those who remain attentive to the content that she makes public on her Instagram profile, thus implementing a strategy to feel closer to them, a fact that leads her to ask some questions accompanied by their photos.

What plans do you have for this Friday?“Was the message that accompanied the postcards.

Francesco Zampogna’s wife He took the opportunity to change his look again and it is that he again wore the extensions like braids in his hair, At the same time, she put on a mustard yellow outfit that ended up stealing the attention of those who support her, as she also boasted how big her tummy is after being three months pregnant.

The followers of the aforementioned platform did not stop and immediately began to leave a large number of positive messages for how she was dressed for last Friday’s broadcast on “Despierta América”, a morning program that is broadcast through Univision. In addition, there were few people who answered her question, because they focused on another point.

“How cute is that outfit today, you look beautiful. That color looks good on you”, “Long and divine yellow hair! Long hair makes you more sensual and beautiful”, “Too beautiful, God bless you, yellow favors you”, “Yellow is so cute, you look beautiful my girl”, “That outfit looks fabulous on you”“Your humility and your way of being make you shine wherever you are”, “That color is beautiful, it looks great on you”, “What a beautiful pregnant woman, may that baby come healthy”, “Nice outfit”, “You look spectacular, very good choice”, “I think it is a girl, she is so beautiful”, were some of the reactions that were registered in the post.

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