Friends and family reveal what the last hours of Verónica Toussaint’s life were like

Friends and family reveal what the last hours of Verónica Toussaint’s life were like


The sad news of the death of Veronica Toussaint has fallen like a bucket of cold water for her family, friends and of course, for all those who followed her work through television and unfortunately, last Thursday, May 16, it was announced that the actress also lost her life at 48 years after suffering breast cancer since 2021 when he announced his diagnosis.

Although it was known that he was undergoing treatment and chemotherapy to combat this terrible disease, few details were known about his condition. current state of health and that the situation was much more serious than thought. Even a few months ago, she would have left the image TV program “Qué chulada” to focus on his health.

But now after his unfortunate loss, a little more is known about how were your last days and hours of life of the beloved driver, this according to information from some people who surrounded her as friends and family, since prior to her death, Verónica shared very little.

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This is how Verónica Toussaint spent her last moments

Although he didn’t say much, what can be known about the last days of the star It is through everything he shared through his social networks, mainly on his Instagram account, where he published photographs with many of his famous friends such as Paola Rojas, Michelle Rodríguez, Chumel Torresamong others.

Although, apparently or in networks, it seemed that everything was going normally, things were much more different and the reality was different, since some of their beloved They didn’t hear anything about her in her last days, until the terrible news of her death arrived, which was a very hard blow.

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It is now known that sadly, it was hospitalized the last 10 days and it was the journalist and former partner of Toussaint, Michelle Rubalcava, who revealed more details, according to what someone close to Vero told her: “(The source) tells me ‘Since last week he was in the hospital, today They gave me information about where they took her, she fought until the end, I didn’t want anyone to know, it was a very aggressive cancer and the last treatment was very strong and painful.'”

Although she remained very private about her treatment, she had high hopes of being able to move forward and even last Monday she received another dose of chemotherapy, but her body no longer received it well and she lost her life.

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