From a cemetery caretaker and delivery boy to giving the Lakers a victory: Matt Ryan’s motivational story

From a cemetery caretaker and delivery boy to giving the Lakers a victory: Matt Ryan’s motivational story


Matt Ryan, LA Lakers player.

Matt Ryan, LA Lakers player.

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After a terrible start to the season, it seems that the LA Lakers grab it seems that they have taken the right lanepressured by the board, the fans and also its top star, LeBron James, full in terms of his record but just as thirsty for new titles.

The promise Matt Ryan hit a triple at the buzzer to force overtime in the last game, in addition to the good performance of Lonnie Walker who registered 28 points gave victory to a Lakers who also had the important contribution of their two stars, LeBron (20 points) and Russell Westbrook (13 points), all for defeat the New Orleans Pelicans 120-117.

From taking care of a cemetery and distributing food to being a star of the Lakers

This season seems to be one of new cycles for the Los Angeles franchise. Only the hesitant start marking five defeats in a row meant an element to highlight. In the absence of stars to support the work of James and Westbrook, is sporting young Matt Ryan.

He has barely scored five games in his entire NBA career, one last season with the Boston Celtics and four this season with the Lakers.

Ryan’s story makes for a movie, motivating for those who don’t consider giving up as an option: he went through as many as three colleges (Notre Dame, Vanderbilt and Chattanooga) in the NCAA, but still was not considered to be part of the 2020 NBA draft.

He finished his studies in Economics, but he had no interest in being hired by any company, his dream was very clear: to play in the NBA. He spent endless hours in the gym training alone.

In order to continue dedicating himself full time to his basketball training, he chose to look for flexible jobs in New York, and one of them was being gardener in a cemetery. His day began very early at 7:00 in the morning, struggling with the harsh New York temperatures.

It wasn’t the only job he had, also delivered food at home and was able to sustain itself during the harsh pandemic in New York City.

He left to play in the G-League, a minor league in the United States, after the Denver Nuggets gave him a short opportunity in the preseason. He put up very good numbers with the Grand Rapids Gold, earning him a call-up to the national team in one FIBA ​​window.

On February 28, 2022, the great opportunity arrived. He signed a dual contract with the Boston Celtics and made his NBA debut on April 10, scoring 3 points in just 5 minutes.

He was released and had to wait almost a year to get another chance at the best basketball in the world. LeBron James himself asked the Lakers board for his hiringwho almost never deny the whims of their franchise player.

Matthew Richard Ryan, a 2.01 meter tall forward, now plays with one of the most dominant teams in NBA history and has convinced his teammates (mainly LeBron) and coach Darvin Ham. He averaged at the beginning of the season 4.6 points in 11.2 minutes in the four games he has played.

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