From love to spite: 10 songs dedicated to exes that have gone viral

From love to spite: 10 songs dedicated to exes that have gone viral

The spite has returned to our hearts thanks to Shakira and his recent session with Bizarrap where he expressed everything he felt for his ex, the soccer player Gerard Piqué. How many of us have not felt sad and apprehensive when ending a relationshipWell, now we present you a top 10 so that you dedicate to your ex all that you feel, or if you prefer to listen to it alone or during a party, it is also valid.

The list is an assortment of the purest of spite, from Paquita la del Barrio, through Heavy, to Amanda MiguelHere you can enjoy a repertoire that should not be missing with your friends who are also sad.

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Top 10 songs to dedicate to your ex

Reik – I already found out

With a melancholic style, Reik offers a song that you can dedicate if the other or the other if you know that he is already with someone else and you don’t like him very much: “Forget about that loser, and repeat to him that I am better, that you are not him faithful with the heart, that you are mine and only mine, love”.

Christina Aguilera – But I Remember You

“He lied to me, he told me that he loved me and it wasn’t true, he lied to me, he didn’t love me, he never loved me”, surely it is one of the most listened to songs at parties by those who were betrayed or deceived Christina Aguilera, what would we do without you?

Lupita D’alessio – Removals

A song that Lupita herself dedicated to the Mexican presenter and producer Raúl Velazco. If you are already in a more overcoming mood, this is the sign to look for a change, as she says, a “move” in your way of being.

HA-ASH – Sorry, Sorry

“I idealized you by my side in my nights and days, and I clung to the idea that you were the love of my life, today I apologize, sorry, sorry.” This song is in tune with an attitude of overcoming, if you already know that you asked for a lot, this song should not be missing in your repertoire of spiteful.

Yuridia – I Forgot You

A jewel that did not deliver The Academy offers us a very well-known and also very famous theme since it portrays that feeling of manipulation well: “You exactly pretended to be in love, although you have never loved me, I know it.” However, remember to go out with pride, as Yuridía says: “And now I have forgotten you.”

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Amanda Miguel – He Lied to Me

We are going to get heavier with the recommendations and we leave you a classic to dedicate to the ex. How many times has this song not been dedicated to that lying person? “He lied to me, he told me that he loved me and it wasn’t true, he lied to me”, an indisputable success of spite.

Paquita La Del Barrio – Two Legged Rat

Another classic theme, what to say about “Two-legged Rat”, hate, suspicion and a lot, but a lot of resentment towards that little person who made your life possible with deceit and lies.

Heavy – I hope you die

We continue with the rudest songs and if you no longer want to see that person even in paint, this song is for her.

Alicia Villarreal – The Mare Was Big on You

A top of the empowered and more if you know that your ex was a jerk or a person who did not give his part. He just didn’t deserve you.

Shakira – Bizarrap

We had to finish with a flourish and what better with the artist who inspires this Top. Shakira once again shows what she’s made of and goes all out to Gerard Piqué and his girlfriend, Clara Chía, a song that surely is already on everyone’s playlist.

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