From snakes to lizards, what animals can get in through the toilet?

Not to bother you, but there are certain animals that can come out of the toilet. Although it is not something that happens frequently, it is true that some species can climb up the pipe and take you by surprise during a visit to the toilet.

Here we tell you about some of these unusual encounters.

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1) Rats

These rodents are known to survive in the most extreme circumstances in their search for food. Food that goes down the sink can attract rats, that manage to sneak through the pipes and from there reach your toilet, because they are very good swimmers.

Besides that their anatomy allows them to go through narrow places.

2) Snakes

where there are rats it is very likely that there are snakesone of their favorite prey.

In 2015, two houses in Australia reported that a 3-meter python and another 2.5-meter python, respectively, had emerged from the toilets, with no injuries reported. according to CNN.

It is thought that the reptiles arrived there attracted by the humidity.

3) Spiders

In this case, it is not that the arachnids sprout from the pipebut they can hide either behind the water tanks or even under the toilet seat.

On Youtube you can find a video with about seven million views, allegedly recorded in the bathroom of a restaurant, where a man moves the seat of the cup with his foot and a couple of spiders jump, one even falls on his shoe and throws it, terrifying!

4) Lizards

This does not mean that Juancho is going to scare you at dawn when you go to the bathroom. But last year in Thailand, an English tourist was surprised when he saw that a medium-sized lizard appeared in the toilet.

According to the Daily Mail, The tourist’s girlfriend was about to use the bathroom when she saw a shadow move inside the bowl. Then the lizard poked its head out of her, she stayed there for a couple of minutes and went back into the pipe. In Thailand, this species of reptile called monitor lizard is common to live in ponds and from there they reach the drains.

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In case you have a surprise encounter in your bathroom with an animal, keep calm and put the toilet lid down so that it does not escape, it is best to lower the lever since the discharge of water will most likely drag it back down the drain.

note published in The Sun of Tampico

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