From the fight of emos vs punks to the fall of Edgar: what Mexico gave to the world

From the fight of emos vs punks to the fall of Edgar: what Mexico gave to the world

The Internet is flooded with videos, photographs and memes of bizarre situations that have occurred in Mexico and that, even though 10 years have passed, they continue to be remembered.

Such is the case of the fight in the Glorieta de Insurgentes between emos and punks on March 16, 2008, when urban tribes were gaining popularity in Mexico.

The same goes for the famous “Edgar’s Fall” video, which went viral in 2006.

Within the framework of the 2024 elections, the residents of the capital remembered one of the Chilango debates of 2018, in which Carpinteyro Purificationreproached the current presidential candidate Claudia Sheinbaum for not knowing anything about “the internet of things.”

Another event that Mexicans consider “one of the best that Mexico has given to the world” is that of the journalist Lolita Ayalawhen in a live broadcast he had problems giving his grade due to a discomfort in his throat.

The program Laura in America They also gave Mexicans a lot of laughter with several of the cases they broadcast, but one that remains in the collective memory is that of the presenter. Laura Bozzo claiming infidelity from a box of ashes.

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Thus, from the image of decapitated spoons, to a woman saying “it’s a normal belly,” when asked by a journalist about her pregnancy, Mexicans revive on the internet the memes that were trending at some point.

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