Fuerza Regida vocalist arrested for drug possession

Fuerza Regida vocalist arrested for drug possession

They arrest Jesús “N”, whom they point out as a vocalist of the Fuerza Regida group, for crimes against health when he tried to introduce cigarettes, a jar and two plastic bags with what apparently was marijuana.

The events were announced by the National Guard which were recorded on Saturday night at Garita Uno, better known as Garita Centro in Mexicali.

In addition to Jesús “N”, three more people were also arrested, Edgar Eduardo “N”, Ángel Eduardo “N”, and José Francisco “N”.

He was transferred to the facilities of the Attorney General’s Office of the Republic. To date, the FGR delegation in Mexicali has not issued a statement about the arrest. The legal status of the detainees is unknown.

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Force ruled without giving notice

In the midst of the controversy generated by the reports of the arrest, Fuerza Regida has not issued a statement on the matter. On Instagram, the group shared three stories from a concert that took place hours before the arrest was leaked.

However, the case is not the first controversy surrounding the group founded in San Bernardino, California by its members.

Note published in The Voice of the Border

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