Gabriel Soto will take a break from acting due to health problems – The NY Journal

Gabriel Soto will take a break from acting due to health problems – The NY Journal

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After weeks of rumors, Gabriel Soto revealed that he will have to pause his acting career to treat two cervical herniasbecause he wants to avoid being operated on.

“I have two hernias in two cervicals, so I am going through a process of medications and many things to avoid surgery.. Let’s say that it is not easy and simple, I have all the faith that I am going to get out of this and hopefully with the medicines and with the treatment that I am undergoing, I can get ahead and be back very soon”, he told the program ‘El Gordo y la Flaca ‘.

The protagonist of “My Way is to Love You” revealed that he has been working non-stop for years, so he will take a break to take care of himself, because he believes that this is why his health has been impaired.

“My body asks me to, my health has been diminished, in that sense, so now I have to stop a bit, because it has been three years without stopping, this job is very demanding, it requires many hours of work, many hours of study, many hours of dedication and I have not stopped. I have not had vacations or Christmas, or New Years, or anything, now I do need to dedicate myself, to my health, first of all, and now to everything that my life entails, just a few months, I will be back soon ”, stated.

Gabriel Soto is currently working on the novel ‘Vencer la Culpa’.

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