Gaby Espino breaks the silence: She assures that Aleska Génesis and her sisters hired a hacker to harm her

Gaby Espino breaks the silence: She assures that Aleska Génesis and her sisters hired a hacker to harm her

Gaby Espino.

Gaby Espino.

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Break the silence… Gaby Espino assures that Aleska Génesis and her sisters hired a hacker to harm her. With what intention? According to the actress, she closed her Instagram account, which has almost 13 million followers.

Since mid-September, When the controversy began between Miguel Mawad, Gaby’s ex-partner and Aleska Génesis’s ex-partner, the scandal has been growing by leaps and bounds.

First, Mawad began by assuring that Aleska, his ex and Nicky Jam’s ex, was prepaid, a prostitute.. In an interview with who writes He also accused her of violence. Later The model defended herself by assuring that the businessman harassed her, that he was violent and that it does not exceed that I have left it.

This did not stop, videos appeared on where Aleska is consulting with a witch and making jobs for Nicky Jam to get him to come back to her, and for Miguel to make everything go wrong for him. If this was not enough, it was added a video where these exes are seen fighting, Mawad pushing the model and kicking her while she is on the floor.

More videos of the witch followed, where Aleska assures that she would return to Mawad with compensationhe took out a perfume called ‘Mala’, and yesterday shared an alleged contract where he required her to close her accounts, not model, leave everything in post of the relationship of 5 years that they had.

To all this, the only famous one in this scandal, Gaby Espino, had remained on the sidelines. LThe only interview he gave on the subject was at the beginning of the scandal and he did it exclusively with us where he only said that he supported Mawad because he knew him.

But today, everything took another turn. G.aby Espino, who has always stayed out of any scandal, said enough! And through his Instagram account He uploaded a video and a series of photos in which he denounced that “the Castellanos sisters”, that is, Aleska, Michelle and Bárbara, would have hired a hacker, the controversial Uruguayan Youtuber, Yao Cabrera, to close his networks and end the community of followers that he has been building for years.

I have stayed on the sidelines at the media level, and I have handled the situation I am going through, through legal channels. A situation I’m not used to, because Those who know me know that I have never been involved in something as low as this.. Where a double speech is handled, since they expose one version publicly, while on the other hand they threaten, persecute and pay to intimidate all the people they consider have to do with this story.

But I already reached the limit, because they are messing with my social media community that over the years and with a lot of work I have managed to create. I want to make one PUBLIC COMPLAINT and hold responsible #YaoCabrera Influencer/Hacker who financed by the Castellanos sistersis trying to close my Instagram account.

If something happens with this instagram account @gabyespino the person in charge is Mr. #YaoCabrera hired by the Castellanos sisters. There is proof of absolutely everything, and as I told you, is being handled by my lawyers. I would greatly appreciate it if it is in your hands to spread this information. Here I leave the photo of #YaoCabrera and the order to close my account, together with the amount that was granted to him, ”Gaby wrote accompanying the following video.

We tried to communicate with Aleska Génesis to have a reaction from her, but until the moment of finishing writing this article we have not received a response. We will continue to inform you.



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