Gaby Espino makes strong complaint against the Castellanos sisters

Gaby Espino makes strong complaint against the Castellanos sisters

The actress Gaby Espino denounced through her Instagram account that in recent days she received cyber attacks from the influencer Yoa Cabrera, who allegedly receives financing from the sisters Barbara Castellanos, Michell Roxana and Génesis Aleska.

Through a video that the Creole uploaded on the aforementioned social network, she assured that despite staying out of the controversies, this time she preferred to go to her followers to publicize what is happening. She also said that her lawyers have already denounced the sisters and the aforementioned influencer under US law.

«I have stayed on the sidelines at the media level and I have handled the situation that I am going through through legal channels. A situation that I am not used to because those who know me know that I have never been involved in something as low as this, “she wrote.

Reason for dispute

Both Génesis Aleska Castellanos and Gaby Espino have businessman Miguel Mawad as their ex-boyfriend, however, the actress still maintains good relations with who was her partner. The opposite happens with the model from the state of Lara.

For her part, Génesis faces a legal and media battle, because, according to her, she has been the victim of harassment, gender violence and bullying by the Venezuelan businessman; the latter also accused her of prostitution and cybercrime.

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