Gaby Spanic lost lawsuit against journalist

Gaby Spanic lost lawsuit against journalist

The actress Gaby Spanic had to pay a juicy figure after losing a legal battle that she starred in with the journalist Gustavo Adolfo Infante. The Venezuelan did not come out of the conflict unscathed and had to pay at least 193,000 pesos, about 10,000 US dollars.

The interpreter lost the fight, for which a judge sentenced her to pay Infante the expenses and costs derived from the lawsuit. Later, the Mexican driver did not hesitate to boast of the victory regarding the conflict, despite the fact that for now he cannot mention the name of the also actress, since he has an order in which he cannot mention it.

According to the portal El Milenio, Gustavo Adolfo Infante explained that the actress has already settled her debt with him and announced that this week she will go to court for the check.

«There is a Venezuelan actress (Gaby Spanic), who I cannot mention her name, who already paid me the money she owed me, which I am going to donate shortly, who is sponsored by Sergio Mayer, who is sued Imagen Televisión already me and that’s it,” the driver revealed.

However, the also driver of “Sale el sol” explained that he has not yet come to pick up the check, but that he will go to court this week to withdraw it.

“I haven’t picked up the check yet, because I haven’t had time, but he already paid me the money, it’s already in court and next week I’m going to pick it up,” he said.

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