Galilea Montijo sparks concern over her swollen face – El Diario NY

Galilea Montijo sparks concern over her swollen face – El Diario NY

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The television host, Galilea Montijowho just turned 51, has recently sparked concern about his appearance and generated controversy.

Some images and videos of Galilea Montijo began to circulate on social networks in which she appears showing off a totally different face than the one we are used toa situation that was enough for some users to begin to speculate about what is happening to his face? Due to the comparisons of the appearance that the host of the program “Hoy” had a couple of years ago and what she has now.

Among the hypotheses it is said that Galilea Montijo’s change could be due to the use of some filter, others say that it is indisputably abused botox and facial fillers and many others assure that without a doubt in her need to look much younger she definitely underwent surgery, since it is an evident fact that Gali has made known on several occasions that she has no qualms about undergoing various aesthetic treatments to show off a spectacular face.

“The fillers make her look like that, that’s why Kylie Jenner took them off,” “Fluid retention combined with Botox; that’s part of old age”, “It is called not accepting old age naturally”; “It could be hyaluronic acid and/or a lot of alcohol consumption,” “It’s called age. If they do something they criticize and if they don’t do it too”; “Doctors sometimes prescribe us medication that makes us gain weight and makes our double chin noticeable,” and “Those are their touch-ups,” were some of the comments.

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