Gamera -Rebirth-, the new Kadokawa project

Gamera -Rebirth-, the new Kadokawa project


kadokawa announced the production of a new project based on the franchise of the popular monster «gamera«, titled «Gamera -Rebirth-«. In addition, it was confirmed that the platform Netflix will be in charge of broadcasting the project around the world and to commemorate this announcement, on the official YouTube channel of kadokawa posted a special 20-second teaser video.

Gamera -Rebirth-: Video Teaser

Additionally, the opening of a website and an official Twitter account for the project was announced «Gamera -Rebirth-“, where new updates and information about this project will be released. Next, we will provide you with the corresponding link of the anime.

But that’s not all, since in the official media of «Gamera -Rebirth-» A visual image has been published where we can see the silhouette of the giant monster gamera. It should be noted that at the moment details about the production of this project and its format are unknown, but it is expected that kadokawa start providing new information as the months go by.

Gamera Rebirth

It should be mentioned that “gamera» is a giant turtle monster that has the ability to spit fire and made its debut in the movie Daiei from 1965 «Daikaijuu Gamera (Gamera the Giant Monster). In the list of announcements made by kadokawathe production of a scale figure inspired by this monster was confirmed, which will be given an exhibition of the figure at the event «Tamashii Nation 2022«.


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