Genshin Impact: Diona Katzlein explodes the internet with an incredible figure

Genshin Impact: Diona Katzlein explodes the internet with an incredible figure

The game Genshin Impact It is a creation that has generated a lot of mixed opinions among fans. The reason behind this diversity of opinions? The answer lies in the excessive restrictions that are applied in the game. Despite a promising start, once the game became available, a lot of criticism from players arose. This led to a division of opinion, but what most seem to agree on is the impressive range of products being promoted after the game’s release. These products are often so attractive in terms of quality that it is difficult to resist buying them.

On this occasion, a captivating figure of Diona Katzlein of Genshin Impact has been launched recently, providing a dose of sensuality and beauty. Next, we present some images of the figure of Diona Katzlein:

This is the beautiful and adorable figure of Diona Katzlein of Genshin Impact!

Diona-Katzlein-Genshin-Impact Diona-Katzlein-Genshin-Impact

The figure shows us the charming and adorable Diona Katzlein wearing her iconic outfit Genshin Impact, which features a color palette that ranges from a light shade of pink to darker shades. In addition, her feline personality is one of the ones that stands out the most, since this beautiful girl gives us a pose that anyone would fall in love with, not to mention that the details of this figure are so well achieved that we can say that she has left the game for be next to you in your collection.

Diona Katzlein it is presented in a slightly flirtatious pose in which both hands simulate the paws of a cat. The figure shows meticulous attention to detail, making it one of the most impressive representations of the character. This figure is sure to excite fans of the game. Genshin Impact while they look forward to their next content.

Diona-Katzlein-Genshin-Impact Diona-Katzlein-Genshin-Impact

We can find this figure at a price of $271.11 dollars, currently the figure is being distributed by the online store Mirai Collectibleswhere we can see that the figure has a pre-sale start date from August 31 of this year, and the pre-sale end date will be until October 15, 2023 or even while supplies last, and for the lucky ones who have set aside their figure, it will come into their possession from July to September 2024.

Regarding the measurements of the figure, we see how this poses an amazing 26 cm tall (approximately) 16 cm wide and with a diameter of 12 cm, if you are a fan of Genshin Impact or of the character, we recommend you go to put away your figure as quickly as possible if it is not that they run out soon.

Diona-Katzlein-Genshin-Impact Diona-Katzlein-Genshin-Impact Diona-Katzlein-Genshin-Impact Diona-Katzlein-Genshin-Impact

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