Genshin Impact: Eula debuts new look inspired by the waifu Skirk

Genshin Impact: Eula debuts new look inspired by the waifu Skirk

Without a doubt the community of Genshin Impact is surpassed every day, on this occasion, the beautiful Eula is the protagonist of this incredible and new MOD. And this time the girl has completely changed her look, which makes her look like a new character, but one that many fans will recognize, since she dresses like a beautiful waifu who has already made her appearance in the past, the teacher of Tartaglia, the beautiful Skirk.

Eula dresses as Skirk in this new Genshin Impact mod


The ice princess, Eulahas debuted a new look thanks to an impressive MOD, although we have seen outfits like those of Navia, Shogun Raiden and Yae Miko, this MOD makes dear Eula look charming and wonderful. Without a doubt, fans will love wearing this outfit with this girl and exploring the world of Genshin Impact.

The MOD presents us with a change that could be unexpected for many, but for those who know the history of Genshin Impact You will notice how this outfit is based on one of the most recent waifus that made its appearance, and although it is not playable, it has stolen the hearts of many: the beautiful Skirk. And this girl has quickly delighted thanks to her great design, which we will now see dress Eulacombining a pretty white dress with violet tones and black details so well implemented in these outfits.

Furthermore, as can be seen in the different images shared by the creator of this mod, along with the change of clothing for Eula inspired by Skirk, this work allows you to customize the girl’s appearance in different ways, adding a good number of hairstyles, including Eula’s original or variations never seen before. The clothes can also be placed in different ways, so in addition to an approach to Skirk, you can create a very striking fusion of both “waifus”.


Also, the beautiful girl along with this MOD has a very similar appearance to Acheron of Honkai Star Rail when they use their Ultior for all those veterans of the anime world, her outfit and hair also resemble the Goddess of Not to go from games and anime Hyperdimension Neptunia. Without a doubt, this MOD has been cared for and detailed in such a way that fans will never want to take it off.

This MOD was published on the popular page gamebananathe user SpectrumQT was in charge of making this MOD, so the level of detail has been well taken care of and above all well defined so that all those fans of the game do not feel this MOD is not very “organic”.

For those who don’t know Genshin Impact This is one of the best titles that the renowned company Hoyoverse has in its ranks, accompanied in turn by other giants such as Honkai Impact 3rd and Honkai Star Railin addition to Zenless Zone Zero who in a few months will join the staff of the renowned Chinese developer. In this title we will control the “Traveler”, traveling the continent of Teyvat in search of our lost family member, facing many enemies in the process, but taking advantage of the elements that make up this universe to defend ourselves in exciting combats in real time.

Genshin Impact EulaGenshin Impact Eula

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