Genshin Impact: Mod Reveals 2 New Sides Of Lumine

Genshin Impact: Mod Reveals 2 New Sides Of Lumine

Genshin Impact It is a title that has given a lot to talk about during these months, not only thanks to the content that comes to the game, but also because of its great community.

Genshin Impact: Lumine Is Perfectly Recreated In Real Life
Lumine – Genshin Impact

And so, for such a large community eager to see their favorite characters characterized and from all possible perspectives, there are the famous MODs, capable of recreating or fine-tuning aesthetic aspects in the most whimsical or creative way possible.

Without further ado, we will talk about a special one that is characterized by showing us many more outfits for Lumine.

This one bears the name Lumine Abyss and Darkand as its name indicates, it presents Lumine in 2 incredible aspects, highlighting its beauty in these two dark tones.

Below are images from Lumine Abyss and Dark:

Lumine Dark

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Lumine Abyss 637Ba50864C69637Ba50Cb3649 637Ba50F4Afb7

Some of the comments the mod received expressed the following:

  • Incredible

  • It has an air of freshness, simple words, something new

  • Finally Lumine

You can download the mod, in the following link.

On Genshin Impact

In a world called Teyvat, ruled by gods called Archons who grant Visions to chosen people. These Visions allow players to wield elemental powers. In Teyvat, players will embark on various adventures as outsiders and travel with different characters with unique abilities they encounter along the way to explore the unknown and discover the secrets of Genshin in this land.

Genshin Impact

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