Genshin Impact: MOD turns Mona into Yami from To Love Ru

Genshin Impact: MOD turns Mona into Yami from To Love Ru

The players of Genshin Impact they are quite happy with the release of a MOD for the dear and lovely monkey. On this occasion the beloved waifu was chosen to have a radical change in its design, since its design has been changed to one that ecchi anime lovers will recognize immediately, since we are talking about a MOD which transforms to monkey in yami from the anime To Love Ru.


Through the popular website «gamebanana» presented a MOD for Genshin Impact which is focused on the character of Monkey, this same one presents us with a totally different appearance, a change that anime lovers and especially lovers of tsunderes they wished they could obtain. On that occasion we can delight ourselves with the beloved waifu Tsundere, Yami.


yami 1

yami 2

As far as is known, be MOD is only focused on the original appearance of monkey in Genshin Impactthis time we will not have voice changes, nor do we have the alternative appearances of the beloved waifu, that means that for the moment we will not have Yami Onee-san, although not everything is bad, because its design has already fascinated more than one.

Yes ok monkey it’s not the only one waifu of Genshin Impact in receiving MOD’s to draw attention to the community. Although it is somewhat strange that they have not also added to Yami Onee-san with this MOD. It should be noted that this MOD was created by user MrLGamer.

Genshin Impact Mona

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