Genshin Impact: Shogun Raiden makes the internet fall in love with bold illustrations

Genshin Impact: Shogun Raiden makes the internet fall in love with bold illustrations

Genshin Impact has prevailed as one of the most popular mobile games to date due to the same updates that they bring in each version and the community has been able to demonstrate its love for this video game with the various fanarts and cosplays that fans recreate of their favorite characters and always They manage to surprise us with the results.

On this occasion the pixiv user Aldehyde_AI was inspired by Genshin Impact to create a series of illustrations with the help of an artificial intelligence tool, which feature the sovereign of the eternal kingdom, the Shogun Raidenwho was recreated with a very striking costume that would attract a lot of attention from the fans of this incredible character and the players of Genshin Impact.

Genshin Impact: Shogun Raiden dazzles with a cute bikini

Shogun Raiden Genshin Impact 2

In these illustrations, which feature the Shogun Raidenwe can see that he is enjoying a nice day on the beach, without any worries, enjoying the warm sun and the sea breeze, possibly in some hidden place in Inazuma taking a moment from all the work he usually does, the scene of the beach, with the sea in the background, manages to create a perfect image that will captivate any Genshin Impact fan.

The costume she is wearing is very simple but captivating, since the Shogun Raiden She is wearing a two-piece purple bikini that greatly highlights the attributes of this beautiful character and without a doubt her physique will dazzle anyone who is fortunate enough to see the attractive sovereign of the eternal kingdom.

Shogun Raiden Genshin Impact

In these following images the author gives us a very nice twist, since we can see that the Shogun Raiden He is not wearing any type of clothing, leaving his splendid body visible to everyone and without a doubt what can be seen is very pleasant that anyone will really enjoy the beautiful physique that the character manages to show us and that usually We don’t usually see it like that.

Genshin Impact

We can assume that after spending some time in the sun, the Shogun Raiden She decided to complete her tan by removing the bikini she used in the previous images to leave everything that covered her clothes in the open air. Without a doubt, she shows us an even more daring image of the shogun and we can see her in a much freer environment of the that is usually shown, so without a doubt she will be able to enjoy her free moment in the most relaxing way possible.

Wow, these illustrations managed to attract a lot of attention from any fan of Genshin Impact due to the great quality that can be seen, since it must be mentioned that all these illustrations were created with the help of an artificial intelligence tool and from the results obtained we can see that no error is visible to the naked eye, so that the user manages to demonstrate his ability to use this type of tools and the illustrations show us a beautiful Shogun Raiden like we have never seen before, so these illustrations will surely become very popular.

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