Genshin Impact: The 4.7 Livestream presents Clorinde, Sigewinne and more news

Genshin Impact: The 4.7 Livestream presents Clorinde, Sigewinne and more news

Genshin Impact has long proven to be a sleeping lion within the competitive jungle of playable gachas. And although high and low versions have always existed, it seems that starting with 4.7 they want to reaffirm why they are the kings of the genre by bringing three new playable characters, the return of Furina, a very important mission for the future of travelers as well as a beautiful animated short. Not to mention, the preview of what we can find in Natlan; the Fire Nation.

Redeem codes, characters and more were revealed in the Genshin Impact 4.7 livestream

There is no doubt that we have gone through a week of great excitement when it comes to open world porridge. The competition between Genshin Impact and Whuttering Waves for attracting new and old players is palpable and has led to a hype for what they were going to show this morning in the livestream of version 4.7. Thus, the first thing that was taught was the skill kit that the new characters who will arrive in a few days will have: Clorinde, Sigewine and Sethos.

In the case of Clorinde, she is a DPS of the Electro element, which carries a sword that transforms into an elegant musket that she uses to give life to her frenetic gameplay that closely resembles that of the protagonist of the Bayonetta saga. In addition to this, Fontaine’s protector will have a great affinity with the mechanics of the vital pact, which will make her a combat unit capable of rivaling the most powerful being of her element, the Shogun Raiden. On the other hand, it is Sigewinnea nice melusine that we met in this nation and that will serve as a new support based on the Hydro element.

Regarding Sethoswe will have in it a 4-star, bow user, who will base his gameplay on being the trigger of the powerful reactions related to the element Dendro being a companion with a lot of latent potential in Genshin Impact.

Genshin ImpactGenshin Impact

The next new feature they presented during this event were the promotional banners for version 4.7 of Genshin Impact to be released in June. Here we were finally able to confirm the long-awaited return of Fontaine’s “Archon”: the duality called Furina. Likewise, we learned that Alhaithamuser of the Dendro element will be in charge of accompanying her as the units that will have a rerun (return) for the happiness of the people who long to team up with these endearing and powerful characters.

In this way, the first promotional banner of Genshin Impact will be made up of Clorinde and Alhaitham next to Sethos and two more characters still to be confirmed after the end of the current version. Once the first part is completed, both Furina as Sigewinne They will be in charge of closing the 4.7 banner along with three more companions, among whom the name of Kaveh; which has not returned to the game after the controversy that broke out around it thanks to its ability to be used as a hack within the work.

But something else was still missing; and a few days ago the trailer for an animated short that was going to bear the name of the “Road we do not take”. This future animation, which showed Aether and Lumine (protagonists of the game) holding hands marked a coming soon as a description so the hype that was generated was huge on the part of the community since many thought it was going to be a preview of the mysterious and secret Genshin Impact anime announced a few years ago. anus.

Genshin ImpactGenshin Impact

However, the surprise was great when during the 4.7 livestream, we were able to see this short in its entirety, leaving everyone with emotions running high. As soon as the video starts, it manages to perfectly emulate the beginning of the game and then give us a glimpse of the long path that both beings have traveled in their unfortunate passage through Teyvat. Here we could see that the path of travelers has not been easy and even more so for those who begin their journey much earlier.

Thus, this version, which will bring back the mythical and revered Dainsleif, will allow us to meet again with that longed-for relative that we could not hear from for almost 4 years. In case you want to see the incredible animated short, here is the link: Link.

Finally, and as is customary in the versions prior to the arrival of a next region; we were able to have an exclusive glimpse of Natlanthe nation of the Pyro in Genshin Impact. Thus, in these short seconds we had the opportunity to confirm the existence of Dinosaursthe possibility of using them as mounts and a small view of the rock geography of this new region.

Genshin ImpactGenshin Impact


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