Geraldine Bazán sympathizes with Shakira and assures that she lived the same with Gabriel Soto

Geraldine Bazán sympathizes with Shakira and assures that she lived the same with Gabriel Soto


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The separation of Gerard Piqué and Shakira shocked the world since last June when the news was confirmed by the Colombian herself, therefore, Geraldine Bazán sent him some advice, because she knows what it means to end a relationship of so many years due to infidelity and more if there are children involved.

It was in an interview with the media that Bazán spoke about the controversial break between the soccer player and the interpreter of ‘Monotonía’ and pointed out that she suffered the same when she divorced Gabriel Sotowho is currently engaged to Irina Baeva.

A separation is definitely difficult, painful, when there are children it is complicated. I’ve always said: ‘there is always life after a divorce and a separation’. What we can live, well, I lived it too, and Shakira is living itas well as many women around the world who are not dedicated to the media”, she said.

Although Geraldine is currently doing very well, since she has already had a relationship with a businessman, she was even recently associated with the actor Alejandro Nones, Reaching that stage of his life with Soto took him through a whole grieving process, which is why he understands Shakira perfectly.

“Of course, it takes time”, and referring to Shakira he said: “She is a woman that I have always admired and who is an example of many things. She is a talented, hard-working woman, a good mom.”

It should be remembered that Geraldine Bazán and Gabriel Soto had a media separation, as it was rumored that the actor would have cheated on her with Baeva, who on more than one occasion has denied all these sayings.

This is why Geraldine is compared to Shakira, since the separation between the Colombian and the Barcelona defender, who has just announced his retirement, also occurred amid rumors of infidelity on his part with Clara Chía.

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