Germany leads the disappointments of the Qatar 2022 World Cup followed by Belgium and Uruguay

Germany leads the disappointments of the Qatar 2022 World Cup followed by Belgium and Uruguay

Germany was knocked out in the first round of Qatar 2022.

Germany was knocked out in the first round of Qatar 2022.

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The Qatar 2022 World Cup has produced several disappointments, including Germany, Belgium and more recently Uruguay. The three teams have been left out of the World Cup only in the first round.

And if that was not enough, no team has been able to complete the nine points, so it can be said that the greats who will be in the round of 16 many of them have had setbacks. Argentina lost to Saudi Arabia, France to Tunisia and Brazil lost to Cameroon, three teams that agreed in the first box and fell to teams that ended up eliminated.

On the other hand, Portugal and Spain ended up advancing in their groups but losing to South Korea and Japan respectively.two of the tournament’s Asian revelations who came to Qatar to compete seriously.

Germany to maximum disappointment

The Germans played a group that together seemed like the true “group of death”, as several ended up being in this World Cup. Those led by Hansi Flick began skating against the Japan National Team, a match in which they started winning and strangely ended up losing, something not very common in German teams.

Later they played an excellent match against Spain in which they ended up level at one goal.he. The Teutons did not count on the Japanese defeating those led by Luis Enrique and climbing to the top of the group, leaving them out despite having defeated Costa Rica with a score of 4-2.

The four-time world champions were thus eliminated by the first round for the second consecutive World Cup and without a doubt they became the worst disappointment of the Qatar 2022 World Cup.

The sad end of Belgium’s golden generation

The Belgium National Team came to this World Cup as second in the FIFA Ranking and with a team full of stars that for many specialists has been left to duty in previous competitions. However, the “Red Devils” come from occupying third place in the 2018 World Cup in Russia and until now they knew that they had an appointment with history.

However internal fights that included words from Kevin De Bruyne rejecting an MVP award for a match, alleged clashes between players and the same Manchester City midfielder assuring that they were not there to compete, were factors in sealing Belgium’s first round elimination.

An undeserved win against Canada, a loss against Morocco and a draw against Croatia with three key misses by Lukaku ended up returning the Belgians home.

La Garra Charrúa was not enough for Uruguay

Uruguay did not show aggressiveness in their debut against South Korea, in that game they could barely add a point as a result of a goalless draw that would end up being key to the elimination of the South Americans.s. Later they were defeated 2-0 by Portugal with a questionable approach by Diego Alonso that ended up including a De Arrascaeta when it was too late.

On the last day they defeated Ghana but they did not count on the cunning of some Koreans who would give another bump by defeating the Portuguese.

In this way, two world champions like Germany and Uruguay, and a team full of stars like Belgium ended up becoming the disappointments of the World Cup Qatar 2022.

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