Get to know the hotel in Capri where Jennifer López stayed for one night

Get to know the hotel in Capri where Jennifer López stayed for one night

Conoce el hotel en Capri donde Jennifer Lopez se hospedo durante una noche

Several days ago the singer and actress Jennifer López took a flight from the United States to Italy, thus beginning her summer vacation. Thanks to photos and videos shared by the same star on social networks, it has been known that she is having a great time sunbathing, visiting restaurants and sailing elegant yachts.

López is currently in Capri, Italywithout her husband, fellow actor Ben Affleck. Of course, her walks around her place have caused fans and paparazzi to chase her.

JLo too has been taking advantage of this trip to promote Delolayour own spritz-style drink that’s always ready to serve in a glass with ice.

According to local media and high-profile magazines, López is staying overnight at the Grand Hotel Quisisanawhich, according to its own website, is “synonymous with hospitality and refinement, an internationally renowned jewel”.

It seems that this luxury accommodation has several years of stories. Many personalities of all kinds have passed through its rooms and common areasfrom princes, writers and, of course, movie stars.

The luxurious hotel stands out for its timeless style, they do not want to turn the space into a modern one. However, beyond the structure and decorative style of the interior, this hotel it is a true jewel thanks to its impressive view of the sea.

In addition to the luxurious rooms, swimming pools, restaurant and bars, the Grand Hotel Quisisana is home to a luxurious spa which includes a sauna, Turkish bath, swimming pools with hydromassage and gym. Massages and beauty treatments are also offered on site.

Another of the spaces in Capri that JLo has visited is called Taverna Anema e Core Capri and thanks to a video shared by the same place, you can see that the actress and singer had a great time.

In the video, Lopez is seen singing Gloria Gaynor’s ‘I Will Survive’ and Gloria Gaynor’s ‘Let’s Get Loud’.

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