Get to know the huge ranch of Serapio Ramírez, famous vocalist of Grupo Laberinto

Don Serapio Ramírez owns a very nice ranch in San Ignacio Río Muerto.

Don Serapio Ramírez owns a very nice ranch in San Ignacio Río Muerto.

Photo: Serapio Ramírez/Facebook / Courtesy

The singer Serapio Ramirez, who is the vocalist of Labyrinth Group and is known as ‘The Prophet’, has a beautiful ranch in the community of San Ignacio Río Muertoin the state of Sonora.

Through various videos, the renowned interpreter has taken us to see some corners of his very beautiful property, where horses are the great protagonists.

The property, which has an extension of almost 3.7 acresenjoys extensive green areas, stables, corrals and all the necessary facilities for the care of livestock.

The house, contrary to what we could imagine, does not have great luxuries and is extremely small, being built on one floor.

From what we have been able to observe in some videos, Don Serapio’s rest home is painted white and has tile roofs.

Although he does not live there full time, it would not be surprising if in the future the leader of the Sonoran Pride move there, because it has the essentials to become a retirement and rest home.

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