Get to know the place in Mexico City where Ángela Aguilar recorded the video clip for ‘Qué Agonía’

Get to know the place in Mexico City where Ángela Aguilar recorded the video clip for ‘Qué Agonía’

Conoce el lugar en Ciudad de Mexico donde Angela Aguilar grabo el videoclip de %E2%80%98Que Agonia

Angela Aguilar He has all his fans used to showing the details of each of the video clips he records and It was no exception with that of ‘Qué Agonía’a song that premiered a month ago with Yuridia.

aguilar rose a vlog to his YouTube channel where he shows the entire recording process of this video, where, in addition to the music, its location ends up being a great protagonist.

The team of Pepe Aguilar’s daughter moved north of Mexico Citymore specifically to Former MX Factorya new art district in the capital where you can go eat, drink, skate, take photos and more.

In the vlog it is shown since she and her family, dad and brother, arrive at the factory. Pepe Aguilar begins to walk through the new space and says: “What a cool place. What good places there are in Mexico City. I realize that I no longer know anything about the city from when I lived here”.

Father Aguilar does not know this new space because it is very recent, It should be noted that it was designed in the remains of a flour factory which worked in the 40s but was later abandoned.

The Ex Fábrica MX undoubtedly offers several ideal spaces to take photos, record and serve as a location for any type of audiovisual material.

The owners of this space intend to turn this place into the epicenter of art in the Mexican capital, so they not only make an effort for people to visit the factory to see but also to train, for this Several workshops focused on urban art and graffiti are given.

In turn, this place is becoming a frequent venue for various musical projects, especially alternative music.

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