Gloria Trevi showed the Christmas decorations that she put in her home

Gloria Trevi showed the Christmas decorations that she put in her home

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the mexican singer Gloria Trevi made a stop on her concert tour to show your followers what Christmas decorations look like in your home.

In the video where she shows off the decoration, she is seen in the foreground smiling and showing at times details of the final result.

She doesn’t say it officially, but it seems that this decoration It was possible thanks to the fact that he hired the services of specialized decorators. When he shows his living room you can see some people in the place, seated and still surrounded by various ornaments and other objects.

Trevi wrote: “This Christmas I know you will come”, which is a phrase from his song ‘This Christmas’.

The fountain tree is of the traditional green color and was covered with various ornaments mainly white and goldthese decorations are shaped like artificial flowers, spheres and also have a lot of ribbon.

Trevi also focused on other spaces in the house in which he also placed some decorative elements like smaller pine trees and the same colors with which the big pine was decorated.

In turn, it is seen that there is a kind of shelf that simulates a kind of Christmas town, very similar to that of typical films of this time.

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