GMC recalls 740,000 Terrain models for headlights that are too bright

The GMC Terrain can get up to 170 horsepower.

The GMC Terrain can get up to 170 horsepower.

Photo: GMC Pressroom/Courtesy

General Motors is recalling about 740,000 vehicles, all 2010-2017 GMC Terrains, for overly bright headlights after discovering that the vehicles do not meet federal regulations. ANDThe automaker formally requested that the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration let the bug slide.but the NHTSA rejected GM鈥檚 request to leave the Terrains unchanged. Owners of affected Terrains will now be instructed beginning April 23 to bring their SUVs in for repairs.

GMC Terrain 2018. / Photo: Getty Images.

What causes the problem of lights that are too bright?

The reason behind the withdrawal is that headlight reflector housings make them too bright, up to a factor of three at certain designated test points, according to the NHTSA. GM argued in its motion to ignore the issue that the brightness was 鈥渋nconsequential as it relates to motor vehicle safety鈥 because excessively lit areas would not affect drivers or oncoming motorists, except in dim conditions. dense fog or snow.

GMC had fixed this issue before.

GM also added that it was doing away with the old Terrain headlights with updated ones that would correct the lighting starting in June 2019, fixing the issue on any unit that needed a full housing replacement.. Additionally, the company noted that it had fixed the issue for newer Terrain models and had only received one formal complaint about the lights since Terrain production began. But the recall was ordered by the NHTSA, which stated that 鈥溾he absence of a complaint does not mean that there have not been safety issues, nor does it mean that there will not be safety issues in the future.鈥

GMC Terrain 2017
The 2017 GMC Terrain鈥檚 traction is distributed between its front wheels. / Photo: Courtesy of GMC Media.

GM is still looking for a more effective solution

A GM spokesman said the company is still investigating a fix. With new casings already produced that 鈥渁dd graininess to unintentional reflective surfaces, which will prevent reflections that are the cause of the problem鈥the recall fix is 鈥嬧媗ikely to be something similar.

This recall comes on the heels of another headlight recall affecting the Lamborghini Huracan and the announcement that automakers will finally be able to bring adaptive headlights in the United States, after nearly a decade of discussion.


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