Good, good: Chikybombom shows off a new size and reveals that the famous gastric sleeve was made


Although it promises that it does not eat or bite, 鈥淐hikybombom鈥whose real name is Lissette Eduardo, ensures that men feel intimidated with her. The influencer lives a spectacular moment after undergoing a gastric sleeve in February and losing more than thirty pounds.

鈥淚 feel spectacular, I was born again! Look, I made the decision to have a stomach operation, to have a gastric sleeve because I had many problems with hormones, thyroid problems, diabetes problems and I only have one kidney because I donated a kidney to my dad; so I said 鈥榶ou know I need to start taking care of my body鈥樷.

It must be remembered that the issue of the gastric sleeve exploded since it is rumored that Adamari L贸pez underwent surgery like this to lose weight, at least that is what programs like Gossip No Like assure. And it is that even Olga Ta帽贸n, who apparently underwent the same procedure, made the apparent mistake of assuring that the presenter of Hoy D铆a had also gone through the scalpel, as she herself did.

But back to 鈥淐hikybombom鈥she continues with her testimony: 鈥溾橲o鈥, I made the decision to change my life completely. I don鈥檛 drink alcohol, I don鈥檛 consume absolutely anything that can harm me and now I am truly organic鈥.

鈥淏efore I considered myself to be organic but I did not take care of my body as I do now and for me to preach on social networks that I love myself, that I love myself and that I value what I am, I need to take care of my body because taking care of your body, my love , is also loving you, rich, tasty and delicious!鈥, he concluded.

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