Gossip No Like exposes: Alicia Machado ended up with Roberto Romano and he consoles himself with Manelyk González. Photo


They say that Alicia Machado ended her relationship with Roberto Romano and that now he is seeking consolation from nothing more and nothing less than Manelyk González, “La Machado’s” best friend, during her participation in the Telemundo reality show, “La Casa de los celebrities.” Let us remember that while the Venezuelan was crowned with first place in the program, Mane stayed with second place.

According to Gossip No Like: “After Alicia Machado finished with Roberto Romano, he was seen on Manelyk’s birthday.” The program hosted by Javier Ceriani and Elisa Beristain added this comment to their official Instagram account: “Let’s remember that at first the actor did everything possible to make the former member of Acapulco Shore fall in love, but she never gave in.”

The public refuses to believe that Manelyk is capable of doing this to her friend Alicia Machado. The comments in the publication of Gossip No Like are mostly in favor of the young model and businesswoman.

In this publication someone commented the following: “Mane was very clear in her last live show, with whom she talks the most are Alicia, Romano and who has spoken with Pablo and that she and Romano are very similar, that’s why they get along very well. If Romano appears on Mane’s birthday trip today, maybe he has another intention with her, because Manelyk clarified that he had not invited anyone from LCDF to the trip. ”

Many believe that it is Roberto Romano who has fallen in love with Mane, because she is not really interested in having a relationship with him and much less betraying Alicia Machado.

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