Gray hair disappears with a home remedy with only 3 ingredients: quick and easy

Gray hair disappears with a home remedy with only 3 ingredients: quick and easy

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The white hair are a sign of aging that provoke two positions: either they love each other or they hate each other. And it must be admitted that there are people for whom gray hair suits them wonderfully; However, for those who prefer to avoid them, today we show an excellent Home remedy. While there are plenty of commercial dyes to choose from, the multiple touch-ups required and the chemicals in them make some people skimp on using them. It is reiterated: nothing like nature.

The homemade 3-ingredient drink that will take away your gray hair

Specifically, the white hair They can be greatly reduced with just one drink, although of course, this will not be for you to drink, but for you to put in your hair. You only need three ingredients: coffee, rosemary, and black tea. You should get all of this in the supermarket in the purest form possible; That is to say: ground coffee beans without added sugar, and the herbs (black tea and rosemary) ready to infuse or make the tea, but without any extra additions. From then on, you just have to follow the instructions:

  • Boil water over medium heat
  • Next, take a handful of black tea leaves, three tablespoons of coffee, and a couple of sprigs of rosemary. Add them when the water is already bubbling.
  • When you have mixed the ingredients until the mixture is more or less uniform, turn off the heat and let the result rest.
  • Using a strainer, pour the boiled contents into a glass jar that you can seal (the idea is that you can save this ‘drink’ for later.)

Ready: you now have the perfect drink to eliminate the white hair of natural form. And the fact is that rosemary, black tea, and coffee; Not only do they contain antioxidants that will give strength to your scalp; They will also provide natural and gradual darkening to each strand of your hair. The only thing you have to do is wash your hair every day with the infusion you prepared. You should do it until you notice the results you expected (which may be mild or very intense.)

Consider that the results will vary depending on the composition of your hair: its thickness, its moisture, and especially, the amount of gray hair you already have. It is important that you be consistent with the application of this Home remedybut in general, you will notice the first results after 10 days. To enhance natural darkening, it is also crucial that, for a time, you rule out fixatives or styling creams that contain lightening agents (such as chamomile.)

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