Great gesture of Messi with the captain of Inter Miami before his arrival: he gave the bracelet to DeAndre Yedlin

Great gesture of Messi with the captain of Inter Miami before his arrival: he gave the bracelet to DeAndre Yedlin

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The arrival of Lionel Messi at Inter Miami has meant a revolution, a before and after in the still young franchise of the Eastern Conference of Major League Soccer (MLS).

In just one month the argentinian has achieved that a failed club (last of his Conference) improves the soccer level and awaken your thirst to transcend and win trophies. The first edition of the Leagues Cup, a tournament that brings together teams from the Liga MX and MLS, was for Inter Miami and the main credit goes to Messi.

With the captain’s armband and team leader, the Argentine star could have lifted the Leagues Cup trophy, but In a gesture of absolute humility, he preferred to put the badge on DeAndre Yedlinwho had that responsibility before the arrival of Messi.

In the images broadcast live Messi can be seen signaling to Yedlin that he must lift the curvaceous Leagues Cup trophy and puts the captain’s armband on him, pointing out where the celebration will be.

The 30-year-old American defender had a face that communicated surprise. But Yedlin finally told the Inter Miami officials, who were also on the pitch at the celebrations, that he didn’t want the honor alone.

Everything was resolved with a call to Messi, who agreed to jointly lift the championship cup with his teammates.

The desire to transcend, the hunger for victories and the desire to compete were present during almost a month of competition in the Miami franchise. But one value mainly also stood out in the squad: solidarity.

The Inter Miami footballers welcomed Messi with open arms. In training, everyone let him know what the city of Miami was like, how the MLS was played and also a little heat nearby, as was the case with the Venezuelan striker Josef Martínez who, between jokes and long conversations, always accompanied the Argentine in training. by Gerardo ‘Tata’ Martino.

Despite the fact that many analysts do not recognize the level that Inter Miami achieved under the leadership of Messi, in each game it was possible to see that not only the 36-year-old footballer was the protagonist, but also his teammates who followed him to win the Leagues Cup.

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