Grettell Valdez reveals that they will have to amputate a large part of her finger to avoid cancer

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Moved and on the verge of tears, Grettell Valdez He confessed that he will undergo a delicate surgery in which part of a finger will be cut off, this in order to prevent a cancer that was detected four years ago from returning.

The actress started 2022 amid strong rumors of a divorce, but not only that, since she also faces serious health problems, as she revealed during an interview with the program ‘Hoy’ where she explained that you will have an operation to remove a virus from your body, and it is unfortunately that he is in danger of suffering from cancer again which began to develop in one of his fingers since September 2018.

According to the television star, the small abscess started on the thumb of one of his hands, and although it was immediately tended and the risk had disappeared, in recent weeks new tissue emerged that was subjected to studies.

About four years ago I had cancer on my finger, which was removed, They made me a graft and it disappeared, in theory. I recently went for a check-up and he (the doctor) told me there is a bit that I don’t likeI’m going to remove it and send it to a biopsy, “he explained.

The soap opera villain mentioned that she had a kind of sores on her skin, so they scheduled a minor intervention to remove them; However, he was tremendously surprised when his doctor told him that the malignant tissue had spread even further, so you could not operate it at that time.

“They generate an appointment for me for a small surgery and, already being ready on the plate, the doctor arrives and tells me: ‘I am not going to operate on you. In a week it expanded and it is not normal‘”He recalled.

The actress detailed on the verge of tears that these studies resulted in the cancer not returning, fortunately, but definitely you will have to undergo surgery in which unfortunately part of your finger will have to be amputated.

“Luckily we already know what it is, it is a virus, it is a wart that I have inside that is expanded. It is a virus that transmutes into cancer. Yes they are going to remove a large part of my finger, but I don’t care ”.

Grettell Valdez

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