Guillermo Ochoa was benched for the third time, but Salernitana lost again;  now with Lecce 1-0 – La Opinion

Guillermo Ochoa was benched for the third time, but Salernitana lost again; now with Lecce 1-0 – La Opinion

At a time when discussions continue within the Mexican National Team about the viability of keeping Guillermo Ochoa as a starter for the 2026 World Cup, The five-time World Cup winner this Saturday added his third game as a substitute for Salernitana, in a decision that does not seem appropriate given everything the Aztec goalkeeper has contributed to the Serie A campaign.

Ochoa, who has had the worst campaign since he arrived at Salernitanaalso saw no activity against Cagliari last October and against Juventus at the beginning of the year in the current championship.

However, coach Fabio Liverani’s decision did not have the expected impact, since in the end Memo Ochoa’s team lost 1-0 to Lecce, aggravating its bottom position in Italian Calcio Serie A.

Salernitana is last with 14 points and is already ten away from being able to leave the relegation zone, so the distance looks complicated. Next week they face the Serie A sensation team, Bologna, in a game that looks complicated.

The decision to leave the Mexican goalkeeper caused surprise, especially after in the previous match he had made 300 appearances in Europe and seemed from afar to be one of Salernitana’s most reliable players. But the coach decided the opposite by betting on the French goalkeeper Benoit Costi

This decision shows that the Tricolor goalkeeper is going through the worst season in his career. The team’s poor results have led to the imminent relegation to Serie B and this afternoon Lecce also took advantage of the Salernitana crisis and won the match 1-0.

Now Guillermo Ochoa will have to bet on his participation in the Nations League next Thursday, March 21 against Panama, where he is the starting goalkeeper of the tactical approach of national coach Jaime Lozano.

Obviously it will be interesting to observe Memo’s performance with the national team, since in the Tricolor environment the controversy continues to gain strength over whether it is time to bet on a renewal in the goal.

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National goalkeeper Guillermo Ochoa is not going through his best moment and has now been benched for the third time in the Calcio Italiano season. Photo: Sebastian Laureano Miranda/Imago7.

For now, due to the crisis at Salernitana, the Aztec goalkeeper is no longer so essential and now he will have to increase his performance to fight for the title with the Frenchman Benoit Costi.

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