Gutyana: Alana Lliteras confirms that she received a bouquet of roses from Guty Carrera – El Diario NY

Gutyana: Alana Lliteras confirms that she received a bouquet of roses from Guty Carrera – El Diario NY

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Alana Lliteras it came out of The House of the Famous 4 taking fourth place and within this competition he became one of the most beloved and endearing characters. For this reason, the audience of this reality show is still eager to know more about his life and his projects. So much so that the recent lives that he has made on his Instagram account exceed three connected users listening to his adventures and misadventures.

Fans of Famous House 4 want more from “Gutyana”: Will there be romance between Guty and Alana?

This morning, for example, all of us who were there could see her talking with Joe Joe, Maripily Rivera’s son, who has already begun to coordinate his next trip to Puerto Rico, to celebrate the birthday of “Hurricane Boricua”, which She and her mom and dad are more than invited.

The “Gutyana” also confirmed that Guty Carrera and Alana They continue talking, that he sent her a bouquet of flowers when leaving the house and that even her mother is pleased with the friendship or relationship they have.

During the live, Alana communicated via message with Guty and here is a part of what she allowed herself to comment:

For now, even the rumors about a possible romance between Guty and Patricia Corcino have ceased because Alana herself was in charge of minimizing them. What’s more, after the live, the Mexican agreed to do another live with the Puerto Rican, with whom she would also meet that day to go to the movies in the company of her mother.

There is no major news about a possible meeting with Guty, because both he and she seem to want to keep their public distance, but privately it seems that they do stay close to each other. What will happen? This is something that no one knows, but we hope for upcoming signs from both of them, at least through Instagram, because Alana remains in constant lives.

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