Harry and Meghan Markle are preparing 2 new series for the famous streaming platform

Harry and Meghan Markle are preparing 2 new series for the famous streaming platform


Harry and Meghan reveal that they are preparing the launch of 2 exclusive projects with the Netflix platform, a company with which they had already worked in the past, in their return to television, the dukes of sussex They promise to show some aspects of his life in more detail, for example, cooking, gardening and polo. Regarding this sport, the platform emphasized that a detailed exploration of the practice of polo will be carried out in USAas well as some aspects of the life of professional players.

On the other hand, the project that Meghan will develop is focused on gardening and the home. The Duchess of Sussex wants to propose a proposal where her most human side can be shown and her image as a supporter of domestic and family life is reinforced. These projects can be produced without problems because both Meghan as Harry They have marked a tangible distance between his family and the British Royal House.

Although for a large audience both projects might sound unattractive, the reality is that the series they starred in in the platform’s documentary category, called “Harry & Meghan” became the most watched debut on Netflix as they accumulated the not inconsiderable amount of 81.55 million hours watched during the week of its premiere. That is why the famous platform streaming considered taking the risk of producing both projects.

Meghan Markle continues with her business life after being criticized

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex Harry and Meghan They have found joy in being television stars and many people have been interested in observing the content that the former members of royalty have shared and are willing to go for more. In recent days Meghan He was in the eye of the storm not only for having gone to a children’s hospital where they are in charge of providing medical treatment to children with cancer.

The Duchess of Sussex She was identified as an insensitive person because in addition to the hospital visit she also announced that she would launch her own brand of products related to promoting a lifestyle similar to hers, the business is named after American Riviera Orchard and will be dedicated to selling all types of products from pet accessories to kitchen utensils, home fragrances, among other items.

The criticisms towards Meghan They went to comment that perhaps it would not be the best time to advertise their business, especially considering that their sister-in-law, the Princess of Wales, Kate Middleton He recently announced that he suffers from cancer. For this reason, public opinion was quick to express that both Meghan’s visit to a hospital focused on the treatment of children with cancer and the announcement of her return as a businesswoman perhaps turned out to be insensitive actions.

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