Harry Styles and Taylor Russell would have ended their courtship – El Diario NY

Harry Styles and Taylor Russell would have ended their courtship – El Diario NY

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Everything seems to indicate that the singer Harry Styles He has returned once again to being single, as he would have ended his courtship of more than a year with the actress Taylor Russell.

According to the DailyMail media, the couple decided to end their romance after a trip they took to Japan, where the objective was to try to save their relationship, but it turned out quite the opposite.

Harry and Taylor have ended their relationship. They hit a rough patch after their trip to Japan and are taking some time apart“A source assured the aforementioned media.

Until a few weeks ago, those close to the “As It Was” singer had assured that he already wanted to start a family with the actress, and they were even planning to have children.

“However, things have gotten tense lately and they have taken some time off,” said an insider.

Harry Styles and Taylor Russell would have made the decision to separate amicably and not hold any grudges over their breakup.

Currently, the singer is in London, while a few days ago the actress was spotted at the Met Gala wearing an expensive dress.

Woman who harassed Harry Styles sentenced to prison

After sending more than 8 thousand letters to the British singer Harry StylesIn less than a month, Myra Carvalho, a 35-year-old woman of Brazilian origin, was sentenced to 14 weeks in prison.

According to what was revealed in Harrow court, north of London, the woman, who arrived in London from her country of origin, sent an unusual number of letters, wedding cards and handwritten missives to the “As It Was” singer. during the month of December last year.

In the same information it was mentioned that Carvalho was staying in a backpacker hostel in Earl’s Court, west of London, from where she sent all letters to Styles and without his family knowing his whereabouts.

During the trial, the Brazilian woman, who pleaded guilty to harassment, was also imposed other restrictions such as not being able to contact the English artist for the next few years. 10 years.

Likewise, Carvalho will be prohibited from entering all types of events where the artist performs, whether individually or at a festival.

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