Harry Styles shone at the start of his tour of Latin America

Harry Styles shone at the start of his tour of Latin America

Two years and a pandemic later, Harry Styles kept his appointment with the Mexican public by performing before 65,000 attendees at his concert at the Foro Sol in the capital, AP highlighted.

Styles had announced three concerts in Mexico on his Love On Tour in 2019, but they were postponed due to covid-19. The wait was worth it when the British musician, currently nominated for a Grammy including the song and album of the year categories, delighted his fans with songs like “Sign of the Times”, “Watermelon Sugar”, “Late Night Talking”, “ Adore You”, “She” and “Love of My Life”. In addition, Styles did not give three concerts in the country, this time he arrived with four scheduled dates in Monterrey, Guadalajara and two in Mexico City.

“Good night Mexico!” Styles said in Spanish. “It is a total pleasure to be here… I know they kept those tickets for a long time, that’s very important to us,” he added in English before singing “Daylight.”

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Nor could he miss “As It Was” his song nominated for song of the year for the Grammys to be delivered in February 2023. “As It Was” is also nominated for recording of the year, best pop solo performance and best music video. “Harry’s House,” the album the song is featured on, is up for Grammys for album of the year, best pop vocal album and best engineered non-classical album.

Harry Styles also works as an actor. This year he came to Venice with “Don’t Worry Darling” (“Don’t worry, dear”) directed by his girlfriend Olivia Wilde and recently premiered “My Policeman” (“My Police”) by Michael Grandage.

Halfway through the concert, Harry Styles began reading the signs carried by his fans as they stood by a catwalk that stretched in front of the stage on which he also paraded with the Mexican flag. A girl’s sign said it was his birthday, Styles asked the public to sing “Happy Birthday” and then the Mexican version in Spanish “Las mañanitas”, which surprised him because it is much longer than the English version.

Connection with the public

Another said that she had missed her college graduation to be at the concert and Harry Styles congratulated her on getting her degree.

But the one that caused the most grace was a poster of a girl who said that she had taken her mother to the concert because her father had cheated on her. “An interesting take on a family show,” Styles said. “How are they? Do they feel great? Good, we’re delighted about that, thanks for coming, I’m so sorry about ‘that’, but they both look wonderful and we all love them”.

Styles had as an opener the Jamaican musician Koffee for which he asked for applause from the stage. He also invited the public to sing with him “Matilda”, a song of support for people with broken relationships with his blood family who find new positive connections to his life.

“Please sing with us, it’s a special song for me, I hope one day is special for you,” he said.

It should be remembered that Harry Styles debuted on the Mexican stage almost a decade ago as a member of the British boy band One Direction. For this reason, towards the end of the concert, he thanked the public for continuing to be faithful to him after almost four years of not visiting the country. “I love you with all my heart,” he said in Spanish.

“They have been absolutely incredible, we will not forget tonight,” he added in English. “Good evening, thank you very much. Long live Mexico!” she concluded in Spanish.

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