Has Belinda already found out about Nodal and Cazzu’s breakup?  This is the hint she sent

Has Belinda already found out about Nodal and Cazzu’s breakup? This is the hint she sent


The present day, Christina Nodal He surprised his fans by confirming his separation from cazzuwith who kept a short but loving relationship of almost two years. In shocking news, attention also turned to her ex-girlfriend Belinda, who shortly after took the opportunity to send a message through her social networks. Was she a hint? This was what the actress and singer wrote in her Instagram stories.

Belinda and Nodal They had a relationship for more than three years and their love was so much that they even had plans to get married, however, by mid-2022 they broke up permanently. It took only a couple of months for the Mexican to find love again in the arms of cazzuwho was his “crush”. It was in June 2022 that they both made their relationship public and since then they were seen very in love and happy posing on red carpets and attending events together.

Their relationship was quite hasty, because, shortly after, the singer had already bought a house in Buenos Aires to go live with his new girlfriend. By April 2023, they confirmed that they were at least 4 months pregnant and, at the beginning of September, they welcomed their daughter. However, it seems that love has been fading in recent months, so they decided to separate, as reported this afternoon, May 23, through a statement published on Instagram.

“The time has come to share that Julieta and I are going our separate ways. Our love and respect for each other remain strong…” the Mexican wrote in his stories.


What did Belinda say when she found out about Nodal’s breakup?

After the separation of Christian Nodal and cazzuthe attention of Internet users turned to Belinda, who was the singer’s girlfriend for more than three years. Everyone is waiting for the singer to send a subtle hint or message in this regard, however, she has shown that she is quite busy working on her music and producing a movie that keeps her busy from 5 am to 9 pm every day.

Minutes after her ex-fiancé revealed that he is single, she only took the opportunity to promote her new projects: her recent release ‘300 Nights’ and the series ‘Who Killed Him?’, which premieres on May 24. This shows that she no longer has any interest in what Nodal does or that she probably hasn’t heard the news. Anyway, she maintains a love relationship with businessman Gonzalo Hevia and the evidence of this came to light in recent days.

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