He gives his mother a Chayanne blanket; his video reaction went viral

His way of singing, dancing and even his smile have made Chayanne keep all her fans in love who are happy with any detail where her face is embodied, a clear example was that of a mother who was surprised with a blanket where she sees the interpreter in full body, managing to go viral thanks to her reaction.

The above is about a mother from Tepic, Nayarit who was surprised by her daughter Daniela Alexandra with a cardboard box decorated with small photographs of the singer.

“Open here, open here, no way did I tell you to come prepared”, are the words of the content creator in tik tok when making the delivery of the box in camel color.

This is how the mother reacted when she received her blanket

Chayanne, is considered the father of a great generation of young people since their mothers are such fans of the interpreter of “Tiempo de waltz” that they say he is the father of their children and the mother of Daniela Alexandra made clear the love he feels for the singer with his reaction to opening the gift.

“What is this, my blanket” exclaimed the enthusiastic mother of the family in the video that today has accumulated more than 400 thousand views.

In the video published on the social network, the excited mother is seen giving a kiss to the blanket and outlining a big smile.

Fan community celebrates reaction

being Chayanne One of the most popular singers for Latin American moms, the community spoke out in favor of the creative gift and also shared their joy on social networks for the lucky Mexican mother.

Among the comments it was possible to read “The moms of all Latin America united” and also that of the seller of the blanket @ylerasirb who pointed “It’s good that he loved it, I’m the girl who sold it to you, coincidence or destiny, I loved his reaction.”

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So far, the reaction of the mother who received the blanket from Chayanne It has reached more than 14 thousand shares thanks to the emotion shown by the singer’s fan.


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