He questions it!  Angelina Jolie calls Brad Pitt troublesome

He questions it! Angelina Jolie calls Brad Pitt troublesome

The actors Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt face each other again after the separation due to difference of criteria. The endless disagreements of the ex-partner come to the fore again after the actress of “Maleficent” made lapidary comments against the also film director.

Presumably, they are linked to the sale of a stake in his Chateau Miraval wine business to Tenute del Mondo, a subsidiary of the Stoli Group. To the point that Pitt had to take legal action after stating that they had an agreement, that neither party would sell without the consent of the other.

Now, the 47-year-old actress decided to counter-sue Pitt, refuting the version of events. In this sense, she insisted that she does not need the star’s approval to make that sale. In fact, she called the lawsuit frivolous, malicious and part of a problematic pattern, according to Yahoo.

“Pitt’s allegations that he and Ms. Jolie had a secret, unwritten, and implied contract on a right of consent to the sale of their property interests is directly contrary to written record and, among other legal flaws, violates the law. In addition to the Statute of Frauds and public order ».

The ongoing dispute made headlines in October when Angelina Jolie claimed in legal documents that her ex-husband had choked one of their children and punched another in the face, during a flight from France to California in September 2016.

Lawyers acting on behalf of Angelina, who has 21-year-old Maddox; Pax, 18 years old; Zahara, 17 years old; Shiloh, 16, and twins Viviene and Knox, 14, with her ex-spouse, are in negotiations to sell the part of the wine business to her ex-husband, this after a confidentiality agreement that prohibited Jolie from speaking outside of court about the Pitt’s alleged physical and emotional abuse of her and her children.

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