“He wants to play for Mexico because he will play in a World Cup”: what Fabián Estay said about Julián Quiñones

“He wants to play for Mexico because he will play in a World Cup”: what Fabián Estay said about Julián Quiñones

Fabian Estay y Julian Quinones

on the tv show The Last Word of Fox Sports discussed the decision to bring to the Forward Julian Quinones to the training sessions Mexico national teamdespite the fact that he still does not have the naturalization letter.

Former Chilean player and current analyst of the Fabián Estay program questioned the attention that the player of Colombian origin has received and pointed out the reason why he possibly decided to defend the colors of the three. He also assured that Quiñones wants to play with the Mexican team because he could play a world.

During the debate, Estay assured that Quiñones will not be the player who took Mexico to the semifinals of the World Cup and it will not make a significant difference in the team, this despite the fact that it has a great performance and can contribute on the field.

“What a novel by Quiñones, please. We talk so much about a naturalized player, a player who is still Colombian is training (with Mexico). Do you think he’s going to make a difference, that he’s going to reach the semifinals with him? I think not,” said the former player, referring to Quiñones.

Former Chilean player Fabián Estay added that: “He (Julián Quiñones) is not going to Colombia because he knows it is very difficult for him to play, and if he wants to play for Mexico because he will play a World Cup”.

for his part panelist Carlos Hermosillo He rejected the statements of Jaime Lozano in which he assures that Quiñones is already Mexican. “Not yet, it is in the pipeline,” Hermosillo said.

Carlos Hermosillo added that it does not seem bad to him that the player of Colombian origin is playing with the Aztec team since he can integrate with his teammates. “I want to know how they manage to naturalize so quickly,” he questioned.

Mexican journalist Rubén Rodríguez He assured that the presence of the striker from America will make a difference in the Mexican team. “He is a player with a different biotype, physically he is different, he is a guy who is in a good rhythm. But be careful, there are not 11 Quiñones, he is one and you have to go calmly, ”he said.

Quiñones trained with the Mexican National Team

Although he still does not have a naturalization letter, striker Julián Quiñones he uniformed himself with the colors of the Tri in a training session with what could be his teammates on the road to the 2026 World Cup.

The striker joined the concentration of the players called up who hope to face each other in the friendly matches against Australia and Uzkekistanwhich will take place in the United States.

“Jimmy Lozano and his coaching staff decided to start their integration process, both in football and in human terms,” ​​explained the Mexican Soccer Federation.

The Colombian will work with the Mexican team until Thursday, when he will have to leave the concentration because he cannot play the games with the national team until he receives his naturalization letter.

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