Henry Martín warns Cruz Azul fans that on Sunday they will be champions – La Opinion

Henry Martín warns Cruz Azul fans that on Sunday they will be champions – La Opinion

The first leg ended hot, both on and off the field, because at the end of the contest between Cruz Azul and América with a score of 1-1the forward of the Águilas Henry Martín had an exchange of words, signs and even certain raised shouts, where the Yucatecan gunner made signs to the celestial fans who rebuked him, telling them that the Next Sunday they will be crowned champions of the Clausura 2024 tournament.

The celestial followers messed with the millionaire team’s striker at all timesmaking clear his dislike for the yellow colors of the Eagles and when he left the field of play in the 77th minute, relieved by the Uruguayan Brian Rodríguez, that row of signs and shouts began between the forward and the fans of the Celeste Machine.

But things did not stop there, because the followers of the celestial eleven on the way to the benches They made him the target of several projectiles like beer glasses. and other types of objects that were only reported by the fourth official, but without the fourth official providing a solution.

The issue did not stop there, because when the referee Fernando Hernández whistled the end of the actions, the same fans on the way to the locker room rebuked him and insulted him, but Martín did not give up and from afar he signaled to them, announcing that next Sunday will be imposed on the Azteca and they will end up being crowned champions of the Clausura 2024 tournament.

Obviously, the signs from the American striker inflamed the spirits more and the complaints were more incessant, but he ended up ignoring them until he entered the tunnel to his locker room to leave the topic there and wait. Sunday’s duel in which the match between Americanists and cement workers will be defined by any score.

Imago 1520232
Henry Martín and Carlos Salcedo engaged in a good duel in the first duel of the grand final, where the American striker finished hot against the cement fans. Photo: Etzel Espinosa/Imago7.

The Cruz Azul followers at all times made fun of a very doubtful match, because except for the action of the 1-1 draw scored by his teammate Julián Quiñones, where he gave the pass for the gunner only pushed the ball into the nets, the rest of his performance was not outstanding.

Afterwards, Martín made a clear mistake in front of the cement goalkeeper Kevin Mier, where he did not manage to contact the ball well and the action ended up being neutralized by the Cruz Azul goalkeeper. So in the final duel it is expected that both teams will give each other, although the forecasts continue to favor América, simply because their forward line and the depth of their squad exceeds that of the cement workers.

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