Henry Martín’s tug-of-war with América continues, but Paraguayan Luis Amarilla from Mazatlán appears on the radar – La Opinión

Henry Martín’s tug-of-war with América continues, but Paraguayan Luis Amarilla from Mazatlán appears on the radar – La Opinión

It seems that the board of América is pressed that forward Henry Martín remains unsigned your renewal contract, for which reason and in order not to be left empty-handed in the event of that Martín accepts the offer of the Arab League, They are already seeking the services of the Paraguayan Cañoneros de Mazatlán, Luis Amarilla.

According to several journalistic versions, this Monday, America has set its eyes on Luis Amarilla, who in this tournament has had a great performance with the team owned by the businessman who owns TV Azteca, Ricardo Salinas Pliego.

Amarilla, a Paraguayan striker who arrived in the Apertura 2023 tournament for the Mazatlan team, has gone from less to more and after the four goals scored in the last championship, now adapted to the climate and Mexican soccer, his offensive production has almost doubled, adding seven goals to share the scoring leadership of the Liga MX with the Venezuelan Salomón Rondón of Pachuca and the Uruguayan Federico Viñas del León.

Obviously, the priority for América is to continue counting on Martín, especially because the Mexican striker has become the standard bearer of the current Mexican soccer champion and has put together a lethal tandem with Julián Quiñones.

However, in any negotiation you always have to have an ace up your sleeve and today it was unofficially stated that América would be interested in Amarilla’s services for any eventuality that Henry Martín decides to accept the offer of almost 16 million dollars per season what they have done to him about Arab football.

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Henry Martín in a graph of the classical past vs. Chivas fighting with defender Tiba Sepúlveda, continues to analyze his future with America or in the Arab League Photo: Daniela Granja Vergara / Imago7.

Martín so far has four goals tied for the same amount by Julián Quiñones, but without a doubt his best moments, where he has made a difference, are in the final games, perhaps not so much for his goals, but for his way of distracting the players. defenses and always have that presence of goal in this type of game.

America also offers him, according to unofficial figures, a three-year contract, but with an amount close to five million dollars per year and this is what Henry Martín and the people who advise him are involved in the analysis, since in the At the end of his career, he wants to make the most of the level that has allowed him to establish himself as one of the best forwards in Mexican soccer.

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